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    Call For Your Free Estimate -- 1-863-606-8513

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Welcome to TampaComputerFix.com

Tampa Computer Fix is the only company you need as we offer many services to ensure your technology is back in working order. Whether you’ve got problems with a Desktop, PC, Laptop or Mac, we are here to help. We know how much of a pain it is when your computer doesn’t work and that’s why Tampa Computer Fix takes the stress out and gets you back up and running in no time.  We are open  Mon - Fri 10am -10pm and Sat - Sun 1pm - 6pm.
Here at Tampa Computer Fix we also deal with removing those pesky computer viruses. There are many types of viruses that can infect your computer. This is where Tampa Computer Fix comes in and saves the day by ridding your computer of those pesky bugs. 

Computer viruses can affect the overall running of your computer and damage personal files.  Once the viruses become embedded in your computer they are sometimes a pain to remove and may have a chance of returning. The problem is that most users do not know how to set up a firewall or use anti-virus software, That is why Tampa Computer Fix is here to help remove them for you. Spyware collects information about the user that can be used to find your confidential data such as passwords and bank information. Then there are pesky worms which self-replicate and pass themselves on to other computers and users attached to your computer infecting everyone. Tampa Computer Fix can remove those viruses and spyware from your system .  

Whatever problems your PC, tablet, or Mac is showing, we can help remove it completely. Tampa Computer Fix can remove viruses and clean-out and repair desktops, PC's, Laptops, Mac's. 


Special Offers

Tampa Computer Fix offers special pricing on the following services.

Web Development Services

Web Development Services

$399 and up

Tampa Computer Fix offers web development and design services starting at $400. Content Management and managed hosting at prices that no other DIY Web Builder can compete with. (When you read and understand the fine print). You can go DIY...... Or you can do it right!

Virus Removal

Virus Removal


Tampa Computer Fix Offers Virus Removal That won't break the Bank! Drop Off Service Only! House Calls Start at $ 100. Tampa Computer Fix will diagnose the infiltration and remove all traces of any bugs in your system.

Computers Built to Spec

Computers Built to Spec

As low as $500 Plus Tax and Labor

Tampa Computer Fix can build you a machine to perform any task. whether it be a Gaming Machine, a Production Machine or just an Internet Surfer. You won't find it at a better price.

Home and Small Office Networking

Home and Small Office Networking

$99 and Up

Let Tampa Computer Fix Set Up your Home or Small Office Network. Whether it's an Ad-Hoc Network or a multi Client / Multi Server setup we can handle it! Call For your FREE Evaluation today.

Our Portfolio

Here You can find some examples of Our Work

Arlington Orchards Nuts

Arlington Orchards Nuts

This Project was started roughly 5 years ago. It's been poorly maintained due to the client not wanting to pay maintenance fees.

Despite this unfortunate event Tampa Computer Fix has managed to maintain this website with the bare minimum of updates. We do not recommend this approach but even if you do choose to have deep pockets and short arms we can make it work..

Fury Combat

Fury Combat

Tampa Computer Fix has been maintaining FuryCombat.com for well over 10 years now..

It has evolved over the years and improved 10 fold. Peter, Our Founder even took all the photos and some of the videos on this project. Proving we are a full-service boutique when it comes to these types of projects..

Mikes Tech Solutions

Mikes Tech Solutions

Tampa Computer Fix and Mikes Tech Solutions are part of the same team. We partner up on a lot of web design and other projects

Mikes Tech and Tampa Computer Fix have been partners for nearly 15 years. We have worked on hundreds of projects together and recommend each other to clients all the time. We trust Mike's Tech with all of our most delicate projects..

Our Services

Here You can find some of Our Service Plans

$ 100 / YR.

Tampa Computer Fix Basic Hosting

1 GB SSD Disk Space 10 GB of Bandwidth Managed cPanel Support Webmail Access
$ 179.99 / YR.

Tampa Computer Fix Better Hosting

15GB SSD Disk Space UNLIMITED Bandwidth Managed cPanel / WHM FREE Memcached Server Webmail Access Up to 100 Email Accounts
$ 429.99 / YR

Tampa Computer Fix Premium Hosting

38GB SSD Disk Space UNLIMITED Bandwidth Managed cPanel / WHM FREE Memcached Server Webmail Access Up to 250 Email Accounts
$ 29.99 / YR.

Tampa Computer Fix El Cheapo Hosting

256 MB SSD Disk Space 10 GB of Bandwidth Managed cPanel Support No MySQL Support Webmail Access 5 Limited Storage E0Mail Accounts

Basic Joomla Web Site Set-Up

Tampa Computer Fix will supply you with a Basic Installation and Configuration of a Joomla CMS Web Site.
$ 499.99

Basic WordPress Web Site Set-Up

Tampa Computer Fix will supply you with a Basic Installation and Configuration of a WordPressCMS Web Site.
$ 2000.00 and Up.

Advanced Social Network CMS

Tampa Computer Fix will supply you with a Social Networks that do it all. These sites take heavy API work and take dozens of Hours to complete. For the serious people with serious budgets.
$ 200 and up

Beginners HTML 5 or PHP Web Site

Tampa Computer Fix will supply you with a simple One to 5 Pager with no Database or advanced PHP Functions, You might get a contact form but that's about it.
$ 49.99

Computer Speed Up

This can be a delicate situation and is approached on a case-by-case basis. Tampa Computer Fix Guarantees Your Pc will be as good as new when the job is complete.
$ 49.99

Virus Removal

We will scan your computer with the top of the line industry standard enterprise editions of IBM software to locate identify and remove any trace of malicious software on your computer tablet or phone.
$ 49.99

Hardware Upgrades

Tampa Computer Fix can open up and operate on just about anything. Tampa Computer Fix will install your new RAM, or any other hardware you wish. Pricing is labor only for drop off and pick up service if you like we can come to your house and do it on site for an additional travel fee.
$ 39.99 / HR.

Computer Fix

Computer on the Fritz? Dead Hard Drive? Won't Power on? Relax, Tampa Computer Fix got You...... Rates Are on an Hourly Bases Plus Parts and a Travel Fee if Applicable.
$ 100 + Travel

In-Home Wi-Fi Setup

Tampa Computer Fix will Perform a quick and simple setup of any cable modem / dsl / Router and up to 3 devices hardwired or wireless.
100 / HR. + Travel

In-Home Advanced Wireless Network Setup

Tampa Computer Fix will Perform an In-Home Advanced Wireless Network Setup. Including up to 10 devices hardwired and wireless.
$ 150 Per + Travel

Small Office Network

Tampa Computer Fix will set up your Store-Front or Home Office with a Single Server and Up to 10 Clients. Install and Configure any and all needed software and licenses and will not leave until everything is working including printers and any other machines needed.
$ 200 + / HR.

Corporate Network

This type of networking job is taken seriously here at Tampa Computer Fix, It usually calls for Multiple Technicians and Miles of Cable, The cost of supplies will be calculated upon your free estimate and the Hourly Rate Starts at 100 Per Hour Per Man Needed for the job. Tampa COmputer Fix will set up any Linux Distribution, Web Server or Mail Exchange / VPN Citrix Servers or any other requirements you may have.
$ 500 and Up

Mac Mini Build

Mac Mini Built to spec. You Tell Tampa Computer Fix What you want to do and we Build Your Mac Mini Just For You.
€ 3,50

Internet Machine Build

Basic Internet Web Surfing Machine Built to spec. You Tell Tampa Computer Fix What you want to do and we Build Your Internet Machine Just For You.
$ 1200 and Up

Production / Or Gaming Build

Tampa Computer Fix will spec out and build your Production or Gaming Machine. You Tell Tampa Computer Fix What you want to do and we Build Your Internet Machine Just For You.
$ 2000 and Up

Server Builds

Tampa Computer Fix will spec out and build your Server. Tampa Computer Fix Builds Your Server with Your specific needs in mind and knows all the ins-and-outs of hardware to software compatibility. Taking all of the possibilities of bugs into consideration before making any final decisions on hardware.

Serving the Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon, West Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to TampaComputerFix.com

We're glad to hear from You. We offer the most competitive Pricing for Qualified Professionals in the Market. You won't find qualified people offering better prices.

Has your PC laptop or Mac gone a little crazy when you need it most? You need someone you can trust to fix it right away!  Here at Tampa Computer Fix  we do the diagnosis and repair on the spot and fast!  Our prices are reasonable and our work is guaranteed.

Tampa Computer Fix is your best choice for all types of computer repair services!   We have a friendly and patient customer care attitude. We inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem permanently! 

You could hire some local schmuck to do a half-assed job, or you can just call us. We have 20 years experience in the big city. No country mice here!

If you want a hardware upgrade or new software, contact our friendly team, we’re ready to help you. We now offer computer repair in Tampa,Lakeland,Brandon and Surrounding Areas

Call us 863-606-8513 with any computer repair questions you might have.

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