About Tampa Computer Fix

Has your PC laptop or Mac gone a little crazy when you need it most? You need someone you can trust to fix it right away!  Here at Tampa Computer Fix  we do the diagnosis and repair on the spot and fast!  Our prices are reasonable and our work is guaranteed.

Tampa Computer Fix is your best choice for all types of computer repair services!   We have a friendly and patient customer care attitude. We inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem permanently! 

Tampa Computer Fix is the only company you need as we offer many services to ensure your technology is back in working order. Whether you’ve got problems with a Desktop, PC, Laptop or Mac, we are here to help. We know how much of a pain it is when your computer doesn’t work and that’s why Tampa Computer Fix takes the stress out and gets you back up and running in no time.  We are open  Mon - Fri 10am -10pm and Sat - Sun 1pm - 6pm.
Here at Tampa Computer Fix we also deal with removing those pesky computer viruses. There are many types of viruses that can infect your computer. This is where Tampa Computer Fix comes in and saves the day by ridding your computer of those pesky bugs. 

Computer viruses can affect the overall running of your computer and damage personal files.  Once the viruses become embedded in your computer they are sometimes a pain to remove and may have a chance of returning. The problem is that most users do not know how to set up a firewall or use anti-virus software, That is why Tampa Computer Fix is here to help remove them for you. Spyware collects information about the user that can be used to find your confidential data such as passwords and bank information. Then there are pesky worms which self-replicate and pass themselves on to other computers and users attached to your computer infecting everyone. Tampa Computer Fix can remove those viruses and spyware from your system .  

Whatever problems your PC, tablet, or Mac is showing, we can help remove it completely. Tampa Computer Fix can remove viruses and clean-out and repair desktops, PC's, Laptops, Mac's. 


About Peter Paul and Tampa Computer Fix.


Our Team

Tampa Computer Fix has an Award-winning team with a passion for food.

Peter Paul


Lead Tehcnical Officer

Lead Developer

Joomla Developer

Linux Server Maagement


Cncepual Design

Lead Consultant

Peter Paul

Master Kraze


Linux Server Maagement

Wordpress Developer

Cncepual Design


Master Kraze

Barbara Nolan

Content Writer

CMS Manager

Business Relations Manager

Barbara Nolan

Mikey Tech

Server Managemant

Assistant to Lead Developer

Server Management

Wordpress / Jooml Developer


Mikey Tech

You could hire some local schmuck to do a half-assed job, or you can just call us. We have 20 years experience in the big city. No country mice here!

If you want a hardware upgrade or new software, contact our friendly team, we’re ready to help you. We now offer computer repair in Tampa,Lakeland,Brandon and Surrounding Areas

Call us 863-606-8513 with any computer repair questions you might have.

We are hiring

We are looking for talented and motivated Sales People with Outstanding Networking Skills.

Are You a People Person? Do You have a lot of contacts in the Tampa Area?

Do they have money to spend and a need for Our Services?

Why not turn it into some easy money?

  • Sales

    Work From Home

    Looking for qualified salespeople for a standard 15% commission on every Web Development project and 10% on any hosting contract.

    1099 independant contractor.

    Call now to set up an interview.

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Phone: 1-863-606-8513
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 10am - 10pm
Sat-Sun 1pm - 6pm

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